Original Book: Why Women MUST NOT Be Allowed To Vote


The Book

Today, you don’t have to be a man to vote in most countries.

But, many passionate people fought this every step of the way. Women should NOT be allowed to vote, they said.

If you’re not a man, you should know that campaigners wrote letters to the editor against giving you the right to vote. Journalists wrote dedicated articles. People protested in the streets!

They fought hard.

But, why?

I searched history records and academic literature to find out. 

What I found shocked me. 

Now, you’ll see the truth - including original letters to the editor that radiate raw hate.

You can expect these arguments to offer a reading experience that’s both amusing and deeply unsettling.

This is part of your history even if you’re outside Australia. After all, Australia’s early decisions to make some women eligible to vote contributed to earthquakes of agitation for suffrage world-wide.

This is a chance to reflect on how things happened in your country too. Were your community’s arguments against women’s rights to vote this venomous and patronising? 

This publication offers a new avenue within the study and critique of the world’s suffragette movements. But, I urge you to wander down this avenue with caution. Some of this writing is dripping with hostility and loathing towards women.

So, brace yourself.

The Philosophy

Whenever Women's Suffrage is discussed, people focus on the people who helped the cause. 

We talk about how hard they fought to win the right to vote. 

But, do we really understand what they were up against? 

It's time to discover the truth. 

It's time to research what's hidden in the archives and bring this nasty history into the light of day!

Editing Method

I have developed this book by allowing anti-Suffrage advocates to speak for themselves.

Thanks to Trove and other sources, there are many great examples of letters to the editor and newspaper articles written to fight desperately against giving women a right to vote.

This book is based on these works, with commentary to tie them together in a chronological arrangement. We start 11 years before the first legislation passed then end our journey reveling in the written wailing of anti-Suffragists after reforms were enacted in all of Australia's states.

First Publication

This book is currently under development.

It'll be published for Amazon Kindle.

I'll update this post to add the links as the book's pages go live.

Watch this space. 😸

 xox Penelope