The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Book Description

When an aging heir is found fatally poisoned, the amazing Detective Poirot, brilliant Belgian criminal investigator, is brought out of retirement to solve the case.

This classic tale of murder, jealousy, and greed was developed by Agatha Christie. This special edition celebrates the intellect of women, exemplified by the genius of Agatha Christie, as Madame Poirot confronts mysteries within a mystery. Why was the door of the victim's room bolted from the inside? Is the missing coffee cup the key to finding the source of the poison? And, what of the charred remains of a will, strange strip of fabric, and a strange rug stain found near the body?

There's no shortage of suspects! There's the victim's cheating wife, an assortment of unhappy relatives, and an extremely outspoken assistant. Who did it?

Rediscover the genius of a mystery has been loved by many since it was first published in 1921. Explore it through new eyes as this special edition celebrates a women's genius and helps you see this classic murder mystery through new eyes, those of Madame Poirot.

Unique Differentiated Work:

  • This Special Edition of The Mysterious Affair at Styles has been meticulously and uniquely re-edited to provide the modern reader with the finest version of Agatha Christie’s enduring classic mystery, celebrating a woman's genius.

First Publication

This book has now been published. You can buy your copy via The Mysterious Affair at Styles book by Agatha Christie via Amazon Kindle.

I'll update this post to add the links as the book's pages go live.

Publication Details

Authors: Agatha Christie & Penelope Fry
Published: 26 February 2021
Publisher: Editing History
ISBN: 9781393436843

Editing Method

As per Editing History style, we've swapped the gender of characters throughout the book. These are very small changes, but they bring a refreshing change and new points of interest in the otherwise original text!

Now, Madame Poirot is the famous Detective!

The names of key characters have required some changes to align with the gender swap, but I've used the female or gender neutral version of the original name wherever possible. 

I've also found and switched some racist words and phrases. Read more...