Poirot Investigates

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Rediscover the genius of Agatha Christie in this unique Special Edition.

Poirot investigates a range of murders most terrible, as well as other dastardly crimes, in this legendary collection of stories.

This edition celebrates the fact a women's intellect—that of the one-and-only Agatha Christie—crafted the world of Poirot. That's the purpose of this unique Special Edition release and provocative retelling of Poirot Investigates.

Explore Agatha Christie with fresh eyes, as you tackle mysteries of greed, murder, jealousy, and revenge.

Revel anew at the ingenious deductive powers of Poirot! 

Unique Differentiated Work:
  • This Special Edition of Poirot Investigates has been meticulously and uniquely re-edited to provide the modern reader with the finest version of Agatha Christie’s enduring classic stories, celebrating the intellect of women.

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Publication Details

Title: Poirot Investigates
Authors: Agatha Christie & Penelope Fry
Published: 1 March 2021
Publisher: Editing History
ISBN: 9781393900733


Poirot Investigates is a classic collection of eleven short stories, in which famed eccentric Detective Poirot ingeniously solves mysterious cases involving greed, jealousy, and revenge. 

Written by Agatha Christie and published in 1924, Poirot Investigates is a classic literary marvel. 

Despite being developed by female intellect, the book's form was impacted by a society that frequently belittled women. It needed editing!  Read more... 

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