Editing History is about meticulously and uniquely re-editing classic works to provide the modern reader with the finest versions of enduring stories, featuring women in the lead.
Have you ever sought to appreciate classic works of literature, only to find your peaceful reading disrupted by:
  • jarring misogyny,
  • female characters whose helplessly naive personas are so cringe-worthy it's laughable, and
  • 'strong' female characters whose core celebrated achievements are simply to earn some kind of respect in the eyes of the male characters?
*eye roll* It really takes the shine off your book.

What if... we switched the gender of characters and re-edited the book tactfully? 

Wow! Suddenly, we can simply lose ourselves in a wonderful story featuring women having a rollicking good time! 

It's liberating. 

It helps you enjoy classic literature again.

And, it's what this is all about.

Join the movement! Let's invade classic literature and put women in their place... Let's put women in the leading roles!

 xox Penelope

List of Edited Publications: